For many realtors and small businesses, social media is a necessary but time-consuming task. If your business does not have a marketing department or someone hired specifically to do social media, chances are your social media marketing is not consistent. Having a social media manager is essential for a strong online presence! Being more visible online helps more clients find you, which in turn grows your business.

Here are 4 reasons why you need a social media manager!

Save Time

This reason is pretty self explanatory! When you’re running a business, your time is limited and stretched. If you’re not social media savvy, creating posts on a regular basis is a time-consuming task! A social media manager can take this burden off your shoulders by taking the time to create posts and engage with your audience online regularly, answering questions and comments, and finding new clients to engage with.

Post Content Consistently

Professionals have systems in place to make social media management an easy process, helping you stay organized and save time! Effective social media managers have software in place that helps schedule posts in advance, which ensures that your page will never be empty or behind on content.

Boost Engagement

When you post consistently and respond to comments and messages in a timely manner, your audience will grow. Organic growth will happen more slowly than paid social, but either way, staying consistent gets results online. Your clients will appreciate your availability and be more likely to engage with your account when they know they will get a response.

Grow Your Business

Social media managers help grow your business overall by building your online presence and getting you more clients. When you work with a social media manager, you should set goals for your pages and have a strategy to make them happen! Otherwise, without a direction in mind, your page will not get great results.

Do you have a social media manager?

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