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A friendly design and development company offering affordable services
We help churches increase massive engagement with custom website design and development that connects with visitors, members, and volunteers.
In today’s scenarios, perfect website creation has become a trend of getting success in any business. People are now attracted more toward website because it gives everything at one-stop!
Same as people use church websites that help them keep everything updated with the latest news and events of Church. At Kingdom Designs & Resources, we can better help you create an attractive, meaningful, and easy-to-navigate church website. It will help you connect more and more people with your Church.
Kingdom Designs & Resources (a faith-based company) is here to make everything possible for you. Being the leading name in the website design & development and graphic design world, we understand how to attract people by meticulously designed and build a website.
Who Are We?
We have a spot-on attitude, required skills, and in-depth knowledge to bring you effective solutions!
Whether you are a big multi-campus church with multiple complex needs, a small church looking for an affordable site revamp, or a church plant in need of a very first and beautiful website, our team has got you covered. Irrespective of the size of your project, our qualified and trained team will help you develop a massive online presence that’s surely equipped for growth with Church website development.
Kingdom Designs is a leading church website design and development company focus on providing a great experience, whether it’s about simple or complex projects. We help churches collect donations, maintain member directories, events, post news, and much more by creating dynamic websites.
It’s all possible with the help of our highly talented, out-spoken, enthusiastic, and result-driven team of designers and brilliant IT solution providers with years of hands-on experience.
Based in Nashville, TN, Kingdom Designs & Resources eliminates the fear simply by serving through the talented in-house design and development team. Our intelligently built business model permits us to yield the maximum good results with the minimum possible cost.
KDR offers premium website development and SEO services for Church websites. Being a faith-based business, we know our values and surely do not design websites for businesses against our ethics, including clubs, porn, gambling, etc.
What do We do?
There are often promises and extremely result-driven deliverables; we are unique and different among competitors because we don’t differentiate between the two. Our competent team doesn’t just deliver projects, but they offer value for the money and bring you the desired results. We offer customization services not as an option but to satisfy our clients and help them with their brand value.
Whether you are starting or looking to establish a Church, our team will work with you through all thick and thin to meet specific goals with exceptional design, thoughtful social media marketing, and expert advice. We have with us an experienced team who have garnered years of extensive experience in creating all church websites and are proud to offer a full range of services tailored to your unique requirements.
Our great strength lies in our hardworking and efficient team’s great expertise who collaborate with the clients to deliver the required results. They handle all types of projects related to website design & development and digital marketing, let them grow their business.
Our qualified, well-trained, and process-driven team is motivated and challenged to complete the most complicated projects. We understand every client is different, and so are their expectations. Our highly creative quotient often overrides caution, helps our company deliver premium quality and excellence in almost all endeavors.
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Mission Statement
We express our commitment to be a great community of faith and hope through top-class website design and development services at competitive rates.
Vision Statement
To strive for impact and innovation— constantly listening to clients to learn and grow. We focus on collaborating and follow a vision always to bring our best to serve our customers
Core Values
We believe in:
• In worship
• In our concern for others
• In our relationships
• In our care for the creation
Why Choose Us?
• We offer top-notch quality website development services
• You get responsive website design with CMS based development
• Seamless communication for valued customers
• State-of-the-art business model to get desired results
• Competent team and competitive pricing
• 24/7 support across all time horizons.

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Options are useless without a clear understanding of what they do. We include intuitive, easy to use options.
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